At least Ridge Racer Vita looks fantastic.

At a Japanese press event overnight, Namco Bandai released some more specific details about Ridge Racer Vita. And the news isn't particularly good.

The company admitted that, while it's very pleased with the racer's visuals, the game features just five cars and three tracks[em][/em] out of the box. The tracks themselves are not even original, with Harborline 765, Highland Cliffs and the Southbay Docks all based on previous entries in the series.

Readers with strong memories will recall Namco Bandai attaching a slashed price-point to the game, with the download version being available for as low as ¥2,980 ($38). That's ¥3,000 less than the average price of the other titles in the PlayStation Vita's Japanese launch line-up.

Namco Bandai hopes that the lowered price-point will hook people into the game's online modes, and increase the sales of future DLC. One of Ridge Racer Vita's online modes is called the 'Planetary League'. This splits players into four factions (derived from the PlayStation's famous face buttons), and awards points to those teams based on their performance in daily challenges.

We're just not sure how we feel about the limited content offering. Even with the game's lowered price-point, it still seems too high for what you're actually getting. Here's hoping that the DLC is extremely affordable.