Resident Evil 6's shown-up on a voice actor's list of projects.

The game was supposedly set to get a reveal at this year's Tokyo Game Show, but after the Japanese exposition came and went without a trace of the survival horror series, speculation has been unsurprisingly muted.

Until now. Eagle-eyed Internet sleuths have uncovered the portfolio of voice actor Joe Cappelletti, who lists Resident Evil 6 as one of his current projects. The page was quickly pulled, but Siliconera caught a snapshot of the listing before it was too late.

We get more and more curious about Resident Evil 6 with every passing day. Resident Evil 4 was one of the greatest games of all time, but the formula felt old by the time Resident Evil 5 came around. Previous Capcom chatter has pointed to the series returning to its roots, which sounds both exciting and a little concerning.

Sometimes you can predict what a future instalment of a popular franchise will look like. But with Resident Evil, it's not always clear. Hopefully the game gets officially announced soon.