PlayStation Move has shifted nine million units since its release last year.

A report on Industry Gamers puts the motion wand's sales at nine million units worldwide, while Microsoft has yet to release an update on Kinect's ten million milestone in March. The implication from the publication is that sales for Microsoft's motion device have stalled since the peripheral's initial strong launch, putting Sony's solution within striking distance of the much-hyped controller-less alternative.

"The Kinect's weakness has been the sales pattern, where 8 million devices sold in 2 months, and then in the next 10 months only 2 million more devices were sold. This has led to some concerns,” commented Industry Gamers’ Steve Peterson.

Sony's prepared a batch of PlayStation Move software to round out the Fall release window, with the likes of Move Fitness, Start The Party: Save The World, DanceStar Party and Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest all packed into the past couple of weeks.