A re-mastered Putty Squad is headed to PlayStation Vita in time for launch.

The game puts you in control of the unlikely hero Putty on a mission to rescue his missing friends.

Next year marks the original Putty's 20th anniversary, and System 3's thirty year anniversary as a company. The developer's said that it will be reviving a variety of classic IPs in order to celebrate the milestone.

The PlayStation Vita version of Putty Squad will launch with a complete graphical overhaul, with every element of the presentation re-mastered and re-drawn.

Apparently the original team of Mark Cale and John Twiddy spent months tweaking and refining Putty Squad's gameplay in order to ensure that the Vita version retains the feel of the original game, while also setting a new benchmark for future 2D platformers.

In addition, the PlayStation Vita version of Putty Squad will include classic, previously unseen levels. There will also be a multiplayer component in which four-players can get together and compete in tournament or co-operative play with just a single copy of the game.

[source computerandvideogames.com]