Machinarium's industrial art-style is one of its biggest selling points.

That's according to the game developer Amanita Design's boss Jakub Dvorský.

“This PlayStation version will be the ultimate version of Machinarium,” he told Eurogamer. “There will be a few new features, such as zoom. You will have the ability to zoom to certain places. There will be Trophies. It will be more fluent. It’s a really nice version. I’m quite happy with it. We’re looking forward to it.”

The PSN version of Machinarium will include PlayStation Move support, but Dvorský feels the game is best played with a DualShock controller.

“For me it’s even better with the usual game pad controller because it’s very easy to control this game with a game pad,” he continued. “We integrated a magnetic feature so when you are moving around a hotspot with the thumb stick it magnetises. It’s quite easy to navigate and control the game. There are also more buttons for opening the inventory and for zooming.

“I like to test it because I can just sit on the couch and watch it on the big TV. It’s much more comfortable. Also, many people have a much better sound system in their living room. We’re happy people will experience the sound quality and the music – it’s very important for us.”

Machinarium is currently pencilled in for a February 2012 release on PS3.