Take flight with Orbit -- available on the European PlayStation Store today.

It will be offered as a temporary exclusive for PlayStation Plus subscribers, before going on sale for £2.49 on November 23rd. Those in North America will get to check out the game from December 6th.

After an economic crisis sends the space program into disarray, two top scientists decide to take a flight through space, stealing cash, fuel and more on their way.

"By collecting the money mysteriously floating in orbit around the planets, you’ll give the project a cash boost, upgrading shonky systems and gaining new ships to move beyond the Moon – from Mercury to Uranus – as never before," explains Laughing Jackal.

There are almost 200 upgrades to unlock, in addition to hidden items and 12 medals to earn. Laughing Jackal understands the art of "one more go" gameplay, so we're eager to check this out. There's a trailer after the jump.

Update @ 17:29 GMT: Laughing Jackal's just informed us that there's been a mix up with regards to Orbit's release date. The game will not launch today. The publisher has promised to provide us with more details as and when they become available. It's a shame really, we were looking forward to giving this a spin.