Nolan North believes Ubisoft should adopt Naughty Dog's motion capture techniques for Assassin's Creed.

Being involved in multiple high-profile projects gives North the rare opportunity to compare development styles, and in an interview with CVG the voice actor has suggested that Ubisoft should adopt the motion capture techniques leveraged by Naughty Dog in the Uncharted franchise.

North said that he feels there's a disconnect in the procedure Ubisoft uses, which sees the voice actors provide facial animation while body animation is performed by another actor.

“I wish it wasn’t done separately,” he said. “Don’t get me wrong, the mo-cap actors do a great job, but there will always be somewhat of a disconnect when it’s done this way. After my experiences on the Uncharted franchise, where the actors do both performance and voice, I can honestly say there is absolutely a difference.

“The cut-scenes are shot exactly like a film or television program. The actors interact more naturally and unique and subtle elements to the performances are captured. Don’t think for a minute that gamers don’t notice. They’re a savvy bunch.”

Nolan North has been a strong advocate for Naughty Dog's motion capture practices in the past, and its shown in the critical reception of the game. The Uncharted series is widely respected for having engaging characters and storylines — with much of the praise being directed towards the quality of the writing and the performance of the actors.