Apples and strawberries? We were told there would be junk food.

The game is set to be the developer's first foray into the popular "endless climbing genre" and sees a finicky giraffe unimpressed with his current menu.

Thankfully the giraffe has a lengthening neck, allowing him to reach delicious treats in the sky. "Scream with indignation as he wantonly ignores the governments ‘five-a-day’ guidelines and devours all manner of high-energy junk food," reads Laughing Jackal's official pitch. Sounds right up our alley this.

Unfortunately for our hero, the nosh won't be that easy to access, and he'll have to avoid a variety of heavy-weight obstacles in order to get his fill without getting an upset stomach.

Sounds like top-fun to us. Laughing Jackal's promised us more details in the run up to Christmas. We'll keep you updated.