Next year shall henceforth be known as 'The Year Of Silent Hill'.

Konami's attached dates to three Silent Hill titles that are all due to release in early 2012 — so even if the world ends before the year's out, at least you'll get your fix of the premium horror franchise.

First up is the Silent Hill HD Collection, which is due out on January 24th. That game bundles the legendary Silent Hill 2 alongside Silent Hill 3, and gives both games a lick of polish.

It'll be followed by PlayStation Vita spin-off Silent Hill: Book Of Memories in February, though Konami doesn't have a firm date for that game. Strikes us that they're shooting for a launch title.

Finally, Konami's confirmed that the next PS3 entry, Silent Hill: Downpour, will drop at some point in March, though again no firm date was mentioned.

If the publisher sticks to its plan though, that's one new Silent Hill game per month. And even though we still have concerns about Book Of Memories and Downpour, we're excited at the prospect of getting some serious Silent Hill time next year.