Hello Games has said it 'understands' PlayStation fans' discontent with the news that Joe Danger is coming to XBOX 360.

The announcement alone prompted an embarrassing backlash from a portion of the PlayStation community, forcing Hello Games gaffer Sean Murray to respond.

“It’s always weird when what you perceive is an exclusive title goes to another platform,” Murray told Eurogamer. “It’s part of the culture. I used to be a Sony fanboy myself – not cut me in half and I bleed Sony or anything like that, but just, I quite like the XMB, and telling people, I quite like Blu-rays. That was me.

“Before we managed to find a way to release Joe Danger on PSN, we didn’t know what platform we’d be on. It wasn’t like it was complete, but it was always there running. We used to say we had the world’s rarest game. Joe Danger XBLA had been played by four people in our office. Of course, when you’re in that situation you want to get it out. It had always been something we talked about with Microsoft every now and then.”

Earlier in the year, Microsoft announced that it was not happy releasing former PlayStation Network exclusives. Seems the popularity of Joe Danger forced the platform holder into making an exception.

“It’s helped that Joe Danger has been a really popular game on PSN and has done well for itself. I certainly know when we dealt with MS before, right at the start of Joe Danger when we were originally doing it, compared to dealing with them now, we’ve certainly found a different attitude and more openness.”

Funny that. Of course, the announcement of the XBOX 360 version of Joe Danger doesn't mean the PSN title is going anywhere. If you're yet to try it out, there's never been a better time.