Beyond Goold & Evil 2 may be contingent upon the success of Rayman Origins.

With limited resources and poor sales, Beyond Good & Evil 2 has always looked like a difficult project for publisher Ubisoft to justify.

But in an interview with Industry Gamers, Ubisoft's Tony Key has insinuated that if uber-pretty two-dimensional platformer Rayman Origins is a success, Beyond Good & Evil might get its heavily anticipated sequel after all.

"If all the people that love Beyond Good & Evil understand [that developer Michael Ancel] is more than a one trick pony and if Rayman Origins does well, it gives him more leeway for other opportunities because he has to build up his studio," he said.

"Beyond Good & Evil HD is doing very well on PSN and there’s a lot of people coming back, and if they choose to do a sequel the audience is bigger than before."

So there you have it. If you've spent the past couple of years campaigning for Beyond Good & Evil 2 on message boards, then perhaps its time to vote with your wallet.