Our one glimpse of Tekken X Street Fighter thus far.

But in a way, it feels familiar. The Tekken characters slip easily into Capcom's inky Street Fighter IV aesthetic, giving the game a generally cohesive look.

Henceforth, we're more excited about getting our first glimpse at Tekken X Street Fighter — Namco Bandai's bite at the cherry. That game will see Street Fighter characters super-imposed into Tekken's 3D fighting style, and is certain to be a big departure for the traditionally two-dimensional series.

According to Tekken boss Katsuhiro Harada, we'll get our first glimpse of Tekken X Street Fighter next year. Thus far we've seen just one piece of concept art.

We wouldn't be surprised if a trailer for the game was included on the retail release of Street Fighter X Tekken, which is due out in March on PS3 and PS Vita.