Still no idea

Frobisher Says is one of the most peculiar games we've ever seen. Designed to use every one of the Vita's control inputs, it's a collection of over 50 challenges using more than 20 different art styles, some of which you can see in the frankly bizarre screenshots below.

While the idea of a bizarre mini game compilation might sound a little like Sony's answer to WarioWare, but Ricky Haggett from developer Honeyslug also cites Rhythm Heaven as another big influence:

The main‭ '‬minigames game‭' ‬that influenced us was Rhythm Heaven,‭ ‬which Dick and I are both big fans of.‭ ‬That game definitely informed the flow and atmosphere of Frobisher at the start. I consciously didn't go back and replay WarioWare or the Raving Rabbids games,‭ ‬because I didn't want to be directly influenced by them.

The games in Frobisher are actually more inspired by Frobisher's world‭ ‬--‭ ‬they came from us thinking about the character and what kinds of things he would demand you do,‭ ‬then intersecting these thoughts with the unique opportunities the Vita controls gave us.‭

After browsing the shots below we're very frightened of Frobisher's world.