Order Up!! is available now on PlayStation 3. Apparently.

!</a>. But watching the game's debut Windows Movie Maker produced trailer got us up to speed.

The game promises to put you in the shoes "of a top-notch Chef and restaurateur", utilising the PlayStation Move controller to flip burgers, shake fries and much more.

Amazingly the Nintendo Wii original actually commands an impressive Metacritic rating of 76%, with a number of good reviews from enthusiast press outlets such as GameInformer.

Despite this being the first time we've heard of the game, it's actually available now from various online retailers. Yeah. You can catch the game's launch trailer after the break. (We kind of want to play it.)

Update @ 11:07AM GMT: Publisher Funbox Media has told us that Order Up!! is not due out on PlayStation 3 until December 16th. That retailers already have the game listed for sale appears to be a database error.

[source thesixthaxis.com]