Europe, you'll need to wait to experience amazing scenes like these.

But we suspect those of you in Europe will wish it didn't.

See, while Capcom's attached a March 27th release date to the game in North America, those of you in Europe won't get your hands on the fantasy slasher until May 1st. Yeah, we thought these kind of launches were a thing of the past too.

The game itself continues to look bafflingly intriguing. A quirky online system will allow you to summon customisable AI companions from other players' games. Named "pawns", these companions will come loaded with knowledge about battles won by their creator, and will give new hints and tips on enemies, as well as adapting their strategy on the go. Neat.

It's almost sounds like Monster Hunter meets Dark Souls meets Skyrim. And we're not complaining. Except about the release date.