Register your copy of Saints Row: The Third within 90 days and you'll get Saints Row 2 for free.

Regular readers will recall our heated article regarding the removal of exclusive content from the PS3 version of Saints Row: The Third — despite an additional, exclusive mode being promised at E3.

Well, you're not getting an exclusive mode anymore, but if you're new to the series you'll earn something arguably better. THQ has announced on the PlayStation Blog that all new copies of Saints Row: The Third will come with a downloadable version of Saints Row 2. But there's a slight snafu. You'll need to purchase your copy of Saints Row: The Third and register its online pass within 90 days to claim the freebie. You'll then be able to download your copy from the PlayStation Store at some point next week.

The whole set-up makes us think this was a panic job from THQ and Sony, who were forced into action when they started to see negative headlines appear online. We can't really criticise either publisher for coming good on their promise, but we'd prefer it if future "exclusive DLC" announcements didn't follow the same rigmarole.

THQ's yet to confirm whether the offer will make its way over to European territories — if we had to guess we'd say no. But you never know. Here's hoping for a nice surprise.