Don't think you'll be able to club your way through Columbia with the same weapon.

While the original game focused very heavily on close-quarters combat, its sequel will have a much greater range of encounters, keeping players on their toes.

"One of the first things we did when we started on BioShock Infinite was to draw a graph with y and z axes, and to say that one of those axes was the number of enemies in an encounter and the other was the range of those enemies," Levine said in an interview with the PlayStation Blog. "In the original BioShock, the entire game lived in one corner of that graph – few enemies, all at close range - so the Electro Bolt and shotgun were perfect. BioShock Infinite is going to have much greater ranges and, potentially, far more enemies, so we're greatly increasing the spectrum of encounters that are possible, and that requires the player use a broader set of tools."

The original two BioShock games had an impressive roster of tools, so it would be great to have more incentive to use them. Infinite continues to sound better and better.