DICE Has Explained Why There Are Currently No Vehicles In The Battlefield 3 Beta.

.. well, a beta — the insinuation being that it's a real test rather than a glorified demo.

"We ran the alpha tests with a Rush map and we wanted to have some sort of reference so we could compare results – so we needed to have more-or-less the same map," he said. PC players will get the opportunity to check out Battlefield 3's Caspian Border map throughout the weekend, which will feature vehicles. There's currently no confirmation as to whether this map will come to consoles.

Moving onto other topics, Liu also answered questions regarding the fate of the Bad Company series, concluding that the company hasn't killed off the potty-mouthed unit. He added that DICE doesn't intend to make Battlefield an annual franchise, largely because it doesn't want to hand the series off to another studio. "No studio can make an annual franchise by themselves," Liu said.

There's more to be gleaned from Liu's interview with The Guardian through here. The interview's a good read if you're hotly anticipating DICE's latest and greatest.

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