Since When Was Nightwing A Final Fantasy Protagonist?

(Not long to wait though, we promise.) Either way, as has become traditional for the video game industry, Rocksteady's already turned its attention to post-release support. And given the sheer wealth of pre-release content available for Batman: Arkham City, we imagine it's going to be copious.

The first DLC add-on is due to release on November 1st. The pack will include a playable Nightwing and a couple of additional Challenge Maps, set in Wayne Manor and Main Hall. Nightwing will have his own gadgets and special moves.

Just to add value to the package, you'll also receive an Animated Series skin for Nightwing, allowing you to customise the character as you please.

A Robin bundle will follow on November 22nd. If you pre-order the game from GAME or GameStation, you'll get the Robin pack for free.

But if you're purchasing elsewhere, both packs will retail for £5.49 on the PlayStation Store. Seems a bit steep, doesn't it?