According To New Data, UK Developers Prefer Working On The PlayStation Network.

The figure comes from new data collected by Tiga in a survey of 100 British studios. The numbers showed that while approximately 30 developers are working on new PlayStation Network content, only 16 are developing for XBOX Live Arcade.

Sony's said its keen on opening up the PSN to smaller developers in the past, with its Minis initiative proving moderately successful across Europe. Sony's also shown that its willing to work with unproven teams — with Hello Games' Joe Danger being a recent notable success story on the platform.

A separate internal survey found that more than 100 indie studios have favoured the PlayStation Network since as far back as August 2010.

For those of us outside of the industry, this means very little other than that there's likely to be more content in development for our platform of choice. And more content means a greater opportunity for fantastic experiences.