SOCOM 4's Debut DLC Packs Are Nothing If Not Comprehensive.

The first set of DLC brings the return of Demolition mode, an all-time SOCOM favourite which sees teams competing over a single bomb and attempting to detonate it in the opponents' base.

In addition to the new game mode, the Demolition DLC will also include four new maps, two new guns and six character skins. Six of the game's current maps will be made compatible with Demolition mode, bringing the mode's total tally to ten maps.

The pack will retail for $9.99, or will be offered free to those purchasing a new copy of SOCOM 4 at participating US retailers.

An alternative pack, entitled the Evac Co-op Pack, will follow on November 1st. For $7.99 players will get access to a new co-op map, new mode, two new weapons and six new skins.

The Evac modes sees you fighting your way to an assigned territory, before holding off waves of enemies while you wait for your escort arrives.

There's more information on the US and European arms of the PlayStation Blog. There's also a trailer embedded after the jump.