It Certainly Would Be Neat If You Could Use The PlayStation Vita's 3G Connection To Manage You Final Fantasy XIV Account When Away From The PS3.

But what of the PlayStation Vita? It sounds like Square's got some ideas.

“We’re doing a reconstruction of our server system [with Final Fantasy XIV and] we’re going to make sure that the servers can be accessed by outside devices such as [PlayStation Vita]," boss Naoki Yoshida told RPGSite.

"That will open the door to things like applications that people can used to check their inventory, or check the market and purchase things from the auctions. Those are the things we are laying for in our server foundation, so we can be ready to implement those after [version] 2.0."

Yoshida also explained that while Final Fantasy XIV is not due out on PlayStation 3 until 2013, the company is targeting a beta for next year.

“The one thing to regain that damaged player trust is to keep those promises, and one of the promises was to release a PlayStation 3 version – we made that promise long, long ago, and we still haven’t kept it,” said Yoshida.

“We made that promise not only to the players, but to Sony as well. The first thing that we need to do, to regain that trust, is to fulfill those promises of bringing the PS3 version. Our priority right now is getting that version finished.”