Sony Wants To Ensure There's Enough Vita's On Store Shelves To Satisfy Demand.

But the company decided that it would be best to delay the launch until next year in order to ensure that there was enough hardware available at launch.

“We’ve increased production materially since E3. We learned our lesson to make sure you have enough product," he said.

Koller explained that 60 percent of current PlayStation Portable owners intend to upgrade their system within the next eighteen months, and that 63 percent of current console owners also intend to buy the device.

Koller added that the PlayStation Portable also launched in the period after Christmas (March), and still managed to sell one million units within its first week.

It's admirable that Sony's committed to ensuring there's enough consoles on store shelves, but we'd be willing to risk the bloodbath if it meant we got the system early.