Ra.One might not mean much to you, but it's a big deal in India.

While Sony could be forgiven for resting on its strongholds — Europe, Japan and North America — the company is constantly looking to find ways to develop brand loyalty in new regions. And that's why you see PlayStation get a strong push in areas such as Latin America and of course India.

One such philosophy Sony's adopted in order to develop stronger attachment to its products in different regions is develop exclusive content targeted towards that audience. Hence why many might have frowned at the appearance of a Sony exclusive called Ra.One that launched on the European PlayStation Store this week.

According to SCEE's Roland Fauster, this is actually the biggest Bollywood film of all time. And the game is available now from the PlayStation Store.

"It’s an action game in a sci-fi environment," explained PlayStation India boss Atindriya Bose in an interview, "All of the key characters in the movie (with the key protagonist – G.One, as played by Shah Rukh Khan) will be present. There is a series of challenges in a storyline woven across various environments, built in a futuristic space age colony. The game thereby creates a story link that helps you understand the movie better.

"The game has been conceptualized by Shah Rukh Khan himself (known as the king of Bollywood) and has more than 20 levels, 4 game modes with various challenges and boss fights across various levels. In terms of the gameplay length, this is around 7 – 8 hours of game play duration across the various combinations."

You can read a little more about Ra.One, and Bollywood in general over on the PlayStation Blog. It's quite an interesting read actually, and it's definitely fascinating the way Sony is going after very specific — and arguably niche — audiences in order to develop awareness of its brand.