SCEE Won't Be Using The 'Only On PSN' Buzzword Over Here, But It Will Be Bringing Over Most Of The Content.

SCEE's decided not to promote its PSN exclusive titles as heavily in Europe as in North America. "'The Only On PlayStation Network programme is for the SCEA region only," a Sony spokesperson revealed when asked by Eurogamer.

Silly idea? We think so. We don't really understand why companies opt against putting weight behind their assets. We assume budgets and man-power come into the equation. Boring stuff.

But the good news? The good news is that we're going to get majority of the content anyway. That's including the classic PS2 titles Sony stealthily announced overnight.

"We have numerous exciting offers that we will be introducing to PSN users throughout our region in the lead up to Christmas and look forward to sharing these with you," the representative added.

You can read more about Sony's "Only On PSN" campaign through here.

[Thanks Eurogamer / TSA]