'Yeah, Not Bad.'

Spanning more than 20 years, and featuring in massive number of games, the character has been a favourite of video game fans for years. But his latest outing in Sonic Generations is surprisingly the most pre-ordered title in the franchise's history.

There's probably two reasons for that. The video game industry today is much more taken with the whole idea of pre-ordering games. Especially on PlayStation 3. But in addition to that, Sonic Generations really does feel like the best Sonic The Hedgehog game in years. Not only is it a nostalgic piece, but it also represents the first time developer Sonic Team has managed to get the 2D and 3D iterations of the series playing faithfully and competently. Beyond competently in fact, the 3D re-imagining of Green Hill featured in Sonic Generations' latest demo is ridiculously addictive, and if you haven't tried it yet you should rectify that by downloading it from the PlayStation Store right now.

SEGA wouldn't announce any pre-order numbers for Sonic Generations, but we're guessing if they are the highest in the franchise's history, they're pretty reasonable. Well deserved too.

[Thanks Gematsu]