Sony's Scheduled Some PlayStation Network Maintenance For Overnight.

Almost, what, two weeks since the last wave of PlayStation Network maintenance. But we were never going to get away with it for too long. And sure enough, Sony has announced that the PlayStation Network will go offline overnight while the platform holder tweaks a few knobs and does, erm, general maintenance stuff.

The maintenance is set to run between 02:00 and 08:00AM UK time on Thursday (that's after midnight tonight if you get confused by these things). The good news is that most folks will probably be asleep while the maintenance is occuring. And also, it's 24 hours before everyone heads out at an ungodly hour to pick up Battlefield 3.

As usual, those signed in before the maintenance begins should be able to play online without any real issues. For everyone else, the service will be intermittent. So yes, there's that.