Looks Like There's Going To Be Serious Stock Shortages At PlayStation Vita's Launch In Japan.

Two major online retailers appear to have sold through their launch allocation of Sony's new system almost immediately after going on sale, suggesting that there's likely to be heavy shortages come launch later in the year.

Both Amazon and Yodobashi are signalling that the system is now out of stock — with the sell through spanning both the 3G and Wi-Fi iterations of the device.

Those trying to order the system from Amazon will be informed that it "is no longer available", the type of messaging Amazon usually applies to products which have exceeded their allocation. Yodobashi carries a similar message.

The furore has prompted Japanese gaming blog Esuteru to report on the system's availability, noting that other Japanese retailers Sofmap and Joshin have also sold out.

If you're planning on importing, good luck.

[Thanks RPGSite]

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