Both Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles And Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles Are Coming To PS3 With Full PlayStation Move Compatibility.

Publishers compromised by releasing rails-shooters, with some of the more memorable titles being Capcom's Resident Evil 'Chronicles' series.

The light-gun games — entitled Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles — fleshed out portions of classic Resident Evil fiction from a first-person perspective, and were generally well received.

At a Japanese anniversary event overnight, Capcom has announced that both games are now headed to the PlayStation 3 under the name Biohazard Chronicles HD, with PlayStation Move support, high-definition graphics and stereoscopic 3D support.

There's no word yet on whether the bundle will make its way over to Europe and North America, but we'd put money on it. If you want to get your teeth into some light-gun action in the mean-time, check out SEGA's House Of The Dead: Overkill - Extended Cut, which launched on PS3 last week.