Laughing Jackal's Keeping Orbit Under Wraps For Now.

Details are scarce about the tentatively titled Orbit, short of releasing an ambiguous concept statement reproduced below:

“Help Doc, the Institute of Space Research Institute’s last remaining astronaut, as he explores the Solar System in as many different space 'ships' as the ISRI can cobble together.

"You’ll need to survey the gas giant Jupiter, probe the blackest depths of Uranus and collect all the gold ore you can find to fill Prof’s bank account, err... I mean revive the failing space program.  To aid you, Prof has planned out upgrades for 8 of your ships to help separate you from your cash, err... sorry, I mean to improve your flight capabilities, enabling you to circumnavigate all the planets of the Solar System before travelling further into the universe.”

Your guess is as good as ours. Laughing Jackal has promised more information will follow in the coming days.