Having been hit by poor critical reception, Dark Energy's frequently gone back to lick its wounds and has stayed faithful to its ambitious water-driven adventure game concept, promising reams of improvements for the PS3 release.

Finally the fruits of its labour — which we thought had been cancelled — will be unleashed onto the PlayStation Network next week. And if you've got a PlayStation Plus subscription, you'll get to sample the adventure for free.

But even if you aren't subscribed to Sony's premium membership service, Dark Energy Digital's keen to cut you a deal. The game will run you no more than $7.99 (about a £5) which is really low for a game of its ambition.

Pitched as the definitive version of the game, Hydrophobia Prophecy is a third-person action adventure game boasting a strong emphasis on water physics.

The PlayStation 3 version will also include PlayStation Move support, which seems like a natural fit for the cover-based shooting on offer.

We're rather excited about checking this out at last.

[Thanks TSA]