Gran Turismo 5's Received Its Biggest Update Yet.

It's now Gran Turismo 5: Spec II. The long awaited update launched overnight, carrying a hefty 1192MB file-size. But if you own the game it's completely free to obtain, and includes a number of game-changing features including a standard cock-pit view for non-premium cars, improved loading times, enhanced physics and AI, a new introduction movie and more.

You can peruse the full list of upgrades over at GTPlanet. They're much more qualified to talk about this stuff than we are anyway. Needless to say there's a lot of excitement about the changes. This is a big update.

Alongside the update, the US Gran Turismo website has announced the game's first batch of DLC. There are three packs on the horizon.

The Course Pack includes two new tracks: a weather-customisable Spa Francorchamps in Belgium in addition to a night-time Go-Kart track for a super reasonable $4.99.

Meanwhile the Racing Car Pack includes 15 new cars for $7.99, including the Red Bull X2011 Prototype ’11.

Finally, the Racing Gear Pack chucks in a bunch of new helmets and overalls for $2.99, while the Paint Pack introduces new colours for a measley $1.99.

If you don't fancy the a-la-carte model, you can pick up everything for a lowly $11.99. Good deal that.

Gran Turismo 5 feels new and shiny again. In fact, there's so much excitement surrounding this update, we're curious why Sony hasn't re-released the game at retail. Stick Spec II on the box, get all the patches pre-installed on the disc. Maybe include a voucher for the DLC? Stick a $40 price-point on it and it will sell handsomely.

Oh well. We're downloading the patch now.