Honeyslug's Frobisher Says! Is Designed To Take Advantage Of All Of The PlayStation Vita's Inputs.

“Earlier this year,? ?we were asked by Sony Europe whether we wanted to submit a proposal for a Playstation Vita showcase app? -? ?something which would highlight the unique features of the device,” Honeyslug's Ricky Haggett told GameSetWatch.

“Just thinking about the possibilities was a bit bewildering.? Then D*ck Hogg??,? ?our collaborator on several other games? ?suggested making a bewildering game which would use ALL of the inputs? ?-? ?and jump between them at high speed?! ?And so Frobisher was born.”

The game — which plays a little like a cross between Simon Says and WarioWare — takes advantage of each of the PlayStation Vita's input features. That is to say: the front and rear cameras, the analogue sticks, the face buttons, the accelerometers, the facial recognition, the microphone, the compass, the touch screen, the GPS, and the rear touch panel. Phew.

The developer concludes that it all culminates in a suitably "surreal" experience.

“Players must obey the instructions of a strange little man called Frobisher.? ?Frobisher is spoilt,? ?used to getting his own way,? ?and his orders are often quite whimsical.? ?You might be asked to deliver his pudding on a toy train,? ?poke an otter with a stick,? ?or face Antarctica and curtsey,” Haggett explained.

“?There are over? ?50? ?different challenges,? ?and each one uses different features of the Vita in different ways.? ?We’ve also worked with over? ?20? ?different artists? (?from all kinds of backgrounds?)?,? ?so in addition to the input mechanism of the games constantly changing,? ?so too do the way they are presented.”

It honestly sounds like a rather tidy application, and while Honeyslug's yet to announce a price-point, we're sure it'll become something of a showpiece for new PlayStation Vita owners. Read the full interview through here.

[source vg247.com]