Apparently This Is A Screenshot From The PlayStation Vita Version Of FIFA.

For years EA's soccer simulation lived in the shadows of Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer, but that's changed this generation. FIFA is the top-dog.

And so when EA says that its planning on bringing a "perfect" recreation of the PS3 version of FIFA to the PlayStation Vita, we imagine large pockets of Europe are going to listen.

"It's built entirely on the next gen engine," EA's Matthew Prior told Eurogamer. "There are certain features on FIFA 12 that we weren't able to include because we were porting it over and it's hard to port a moving target. It doesn't have the new physics engine but everything else is pretty much there.

"The device isn't as powerful as the PS3 so it's a testament to our guys that they've been able to get the engine onto this device. You'd have to be a super-aficionado of FIFA to notice the difference."

According to Eurogamer, FIFA Vita takes advantage of the system's touch-screen inputs. You can touch the screen to pass the ball, or use the rear touch-pad to shoot. While the former sounds rather intuitive, Eurogamer noted that the use of the rear touch was a bit contrived, causing some "accidental" shots during play.

Set-pieces can also be arranged using the touch-screen, something EA likens to iOS favourite Flick Football.

EA was keen to stress that the touch-screen controls can simply be turned off, if preferred.

"All these controls are supplementary to what's already there. If you want to play as you would on the PS3, all that control is there. We've not forced users to use the touch screen - it's just a feature we've used to enhance the experience and make it unique to the platform."

The game will feature full online, though it won't be quite as comprehensive as on home consoles. FIFA Vita's biggest headline could be interaction with the PS3 version of the game — the ability to, for example, continue your season on the road — but EA's remaining coy about that kind of functionality.

The publisher does believe that the game represents a watershed moment for portable sports games, though.

"For me, I was never a big handheld gamer but this really bridges the gap between consoles and handheld. Previously if you'd compare the XBOX version to the DS game there was a huge drop in quality. Now the Vita brings that console experience into the palm of your hands. It has converted me."

[Thanks Eurogamer]