There's Reason For Rooney To Roar After All.

According to an interview conducted by MCV, FIFA 12 is outselling Konami's alternative by a ratio of 25:1 based on each title's first weekend sales.

"When you look at Pro Evolution Soccer versus FIFA, only five years ago in the UK PES was outselling FIFA. On its first weekend like-for-like we've just outsold PES by 25 times," EA Europe's VP Keith Ramsdale revealed.

"That's a sign of the momentum and the fanbase and community behind FIFA, and let's be clear, an absolutely kick-arse game. It's unbelievable."

Monster stuff, but EA will need to ensure it's not complacent in all of its success. There's definite signs that PES is ready to strike the moment EA takes its eyes off the ball.

[Thanks MCV]