Dungeon Defenders Is Part Tower Defence, Part Brilliant. Apparently.

We posted up something of a rant about that yesterday.

With the evaporation of anticipated games a hot topic over here, Eurogamer grilled Reverb Publishing CEO, Doug Kennedy, about what exactly has happened to the European release of Dungeon Defenders.

"SCEE and SCEA have their own qualifications for each territory, and we stand by the merits that the game has passed SCEA's stringent approval process and have submitted a similar build to SCEE," he told the website.

"We are working to get SCEE to meet their approval process because SCEE has a different approval process and SCEE decided to request changes to the game. Trendy decided to finalise the game for North America and get the three SKUs shipped as planned.

"The game is currently available on XBLA and PC in Europe, we hope to be out on PlayStation shortly."

According to Kennedy, the development team is "working to meet SCEE's additional requirements".

What those additional requirements entail is not yet clear, but it's obvious that a number of US studios are getting hit by SCEE's stringent policies. Hopefully the problem can be resolved sooner rather than later.