EA's Talking Like It's Developing The Game Of Our Dreams...

Regular readers will know just how much we love tennis games, and how long we've dreamed of a tennis game that gets PlayStation Move integration spot on. Well, EA's making all the right sounds when it comes to Grand Slam Tennis 2 on PlayStation 3.

In an interview with Eurogamer, producer Thomas Singleton explained why the developer had opted to support PlayStation Move over Kinect.

"The successful Kinect titles are built specifically for that platform," he said. "They're not built for that platform [PlayStation 3] and then made to work with the Kinect platform. The games that play well, that's where the Move controller is treated as a peripheral versus a platform. We're supporting the peripheral."

Makes sense. But Grand Slam Tennis made a name for itself on the Nintendo Wii. So, why the switch to PS3?

"We wanted to focus on [HD] platforms. We wanted that photo-real look," he continued. "Developing on the Wii, it's a different product. With the introduction of PlayStation Move we started to get excited again.

"Having Move support - that ability to literally put the racquet in the palm of your hands - makes total sense. And now we can do that in high definition. We can deliver a project much like our FIFAs, our NHLs, our Fight Nights, that looks to that quality on our platforms."

Singleton believes that Move integration, control innovation and AI are Grand Slam Tennis 2's biggest hooks, and are what sets the game apart from its predecessor.

"First and foremost, our Total Racquet Control system - arguably the first innovation in the tennis category in a long time - having the ability to play the entire experience full analogue versus buttons," he explained. "We've got best-in-class Move integration - we want you to feel that sensation of controlling all the action.

"Then there's our P.R.O. AI system where, much like NHL 12's AI, players not only look like themselves but they play like themselves. An offensive baseliner like Rafael Nadal plays like an offensive baseliner."

Honestly, you have no idea how excited we are for this game. No idea. Our expectations are sky-high, let's hope EA can deliver, because right now it's talking a great game.

[Thanks Eurogamer]