Reminder: Modern Warfare 3 Looks Properly Awesome.

The latest entry in the most popular franchise in the world has lost some mind-share amongst hardcore gamers to Battlefield 3. But we've always felt like Modern Warfare 3's had the better showings up until now — the E3 demo involving scuba divers, boat chases and helicopter rides was a real white-knuckle affair.

The latest Modern Warfare 3 trailer is similarly exciting. Filled with enormous set-pieces — including a crashing plane — it feels like a statement of intent. It's almost like Activision is reminding people that the Call Of Duty series is traditionally rather good. We won't spoil the surprises — let's just say, some popular characters are back — if you're wanting to stay frosty. But we do recommend you watch the trailer after the jump anyway. It's pretty damn awesome.