Tokyo Game Show Is Go, Go, Go: Here's Everything That's Happened In Sony Land So Far.

The general consensus from the video game community was one of disappointment — while Sony's been announcing PlayStation Vita titles left right and centre for the past couple of months, the lack of any real megatons was a real blow.

Many were expecting Monster Hunter, particularly after its appearance during Nintendo's 3DS blow-out earlier in the week, but it never came, leaving Vita's Japanese launch line-up looking thick, but a bit weak in terms of big blockbuster names. Then again, it seems like it's hard to please some people: despite the tirade of "port" criticisms, the line-up we're looking at is actually rich with unique concepts, ideas and IP. It's a catch-22. You can't help but feel that if just one of the system's launch titles was Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil or, of course, Monster Hunter, the entire industry would shift its perception (again). But then none of those franchises are new. Hypocrisy.

Still, Sony marched on anyway, announcing a December 17th release date for the system in Japan and confirming over 100 games are in development for the platform. Elsewhere, Tecmo Koei announced a new Dead Or Alive title, while Square Enix confirmed that an HD version of Final Fantasy X is headed to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

But the standout story for us was the inclusion of Sony's feline mascot in Street Fighter X Tekken. That game's shaping up wonderfully. (We're being serious here.)

The Headlines So Far:

What are your hopes for the rest of the show?