When It Comes To PlayStation Vita, Sony's Putting Games First.

“The core principle is to provide the best portable gaming experience possible. It’s as simple as that,” SCEE’s Jim Ryan told EDGE magazine.

Ryan added that he believes the PlayStation Vita is more of a "true digital device" like the PlayStation 3, rather than a stand-alone system such as the PS2.

“Where it ends up is going to be hard to tell at this stage but it’s of considerable interest to us,” he said.

Ryan also tackled concerns that Sony is targeting the same market with Vita as it did with PSP.

“To the extent that PSP targeted the core gamer who was after a good gaming experience, the philosophy is basically the same,” he said.

“But I think the nature of [Vita] allows us to provide a differentiated gaming experience in a manner that the design of PSP simply did not allow.”

And he's right of course. Vita allows Sony to not only truly replicate the console experience (something the PSP never managed due to shoddy controls), but also offer unique ideas through its vast array of unique touch inputs. When you factor in the PlayStation Store, Vita's easily the most versatile system ever designed. It really is capable of playing any type of game.

[Thanks CVG]