RAGE Will Require An 8GB Install On PlayStation 3.

"Sony was great," Willits praised. "Kudos to Sony for letting us do that. They don't allow every game to do that. So definitely, hats off. What we were able to do is install all the textures to the highest level. What is nice about the PS3 platform is that it's just one platform. Everyone has one Blu-ray drive, one hard drive, it's all the same. Some of the other systems you have... Should I install it on my 360? Should I not install it? So yes, it's very nice."

Willits' comments have driven some fans to speculate that the PlayStation 3 version of RAGE might ship with a "mega textures" pack, improving the quality of the game's visuals. We'll need to wait until the game's full release to find out for sure though.