PlayStation Home Jumps To Version 1.55 Tomorrow.

But the platform's still getting a major update as it jumps to version 1.55. New features include updates to the Wardrobe function, as well as a new Furniture browser that makes sifting through digital goods as straight-forward as an Ikea catalogue.

Hit the jump for the full breakdown of changes. For more on PlayStation Home's weekly content update, refer to the PlayStation Blog.


  • Improved the layout, design, color scheme and text of the start-up flow.
  • The start-up flow will now display a variety of information depending on how recently you last visited PlayStation Home.

Wardrobe and Furniture Browser

  • When you are browsing through a category of items in the wardrobe or furniture browser we now display the name of the object you have highlighted.
  • There is an option in the Menu Pad under "Options > Settings > Personal > Clothing / Furniture Names" to change this behavior: Off: Switches the display of names off; Selected: Displays the name of the selected object only (default); All: Displays names for all objects.
  • You can click [L3] to display more information about the highlighted object. This will pop up a menu showing: name; description; image; whether it is a purchase, reward or part of the default inventory; date of acquisition (if relevant).
  • In addition to the name changes the overall speed of the wardrobe and furniture browser has been significantly increased.


  • Added an option to manually clear the cache of data that Home creates on your HDD. This can sometimes resolve problems that you might be having. You can find it in the Menu Pad under "Options > Settings > Personal > Clear Cache".

On top of that, the update also brings with it a few enhancements to the existing feature set:

Menu Pad

  • There is an option to view "Help" from the carousel on the Menu Pad. This is only available to new users.
  • There is an option to "Redecorate" on the carousel on the Menu Pad. This is only available when you are in your Personal Space or a Clubhouse that you own (i.e. somewhere that you can place furniture).

Loading Screen Tips

  • Different loading screen tips are now shown depending on how many times you have visited PlayStation Home.


  • Continued work to improve stability.