Will he survive?

Team Ninja is definitely taking a new route with Ninja Gaiden III, and not only by implementing PlayStation Move controls. It seems that the new entry will take a deeper look into the series lead ninja, Ryu Hayabusa, starting with its chilling new trailer.

Back when Tecmo Koei first announced the game, the company had this to say:

Players will feel what it's like to cut through an enemy's flesh and bone, along with the consequences that come with it. [They'll] learn about the man behind the mask.

The trailer below, just released today, sheds new light on this statement's meaning, depicting Ryu Hayabusa facing the consequence for the fatal blows he's dealt by the edge of his sword.

Will this consequence for his previous actions bring an end to the notorious Dragon Ninja, Ryu Hayabusa? We will find out in early 2012 when Ninja Gaiden III dashes onto store shelves across the world.

[source shacknews.com]