Expect Servers To Crash From Lunch-Time Today.

) — the Battlefield 3 beta kicks-off today for those who purchased Medal Of Honor: Limited Edition on PlayStation 3. EA has said that keys will be sent out from lunch-time, but obviously there's a lot to get through so don't expect it bang on noon.

"Please don't ask about 'when do I get my email' etc," gameplay designer Gustav Halling said. "We don't know, this is an automated system that sends a bunch out every hour starting around lunch today."

Battlefield community manager Daniel Matros predicted codes would be sent out between 12PM and 2PM, though it did add it was "awaiting further messaging from Sony", which sounds ominous.

If you didn't purchase Medal Of Honor, don't worry. The beta goes live for everyone on September 29th. We're expecting EA's servers to be under heavy strain this evening anyway.

The beta's schedule to end on October 10th. Excited?