Beautifully Eerie

There’s a mysterious new video floating in cyberspace, and its raising some interesting questions across the video game industry. It features a beautiful windy autumn forest, filled with a mysterious fog. A life-like human hand floats gently in the air. Slowly moving through a handful of short scenes, the hand glides its fingers up the bark of a tree and seems to be feeling the surfaces of statues. There’s an eerie feeling that something isn’t right in this forest, but any clues at just what it could be are nowhere to be found. But, what’s most surprising in this video is that if you watch the bottom right of the screen at the 1:08 minute mark, you’ll see the pink glow of the tip of a Move controller.

NeoGAF forum user Toppot has done some digging and found out that the game is being developed by none other than Plastic, the developer of the artistic PSN title Linger in Shadows, and it’s being enabled by Santa Monica Studios, known for their staple PlayStation franchise God of War.

Eurogamer recently contacted Plastic about the game and this is the reply they received:

"We all at Plastic admire the speed and style of NeoGAF member Toppot, who managed to combine the hints and classify us as a developer of next Santa Monica Studio production.”

“We also encourage you to find the game title. We are planting the seeds now…"

What lies in wait in this mysterious autumn forest? We’ll just have to wait and see, and you can be assured that any new clues that are solved can be found right here at Movemodo. Can you decipher anything new out of the video? Let us know in the comments section below.