PushSquare's Most Anticipated Overlooked PlayStation Games Of Holiday 2011: #3 - Silent Hill HD Collection.

There are a number of high-definition remakes coming to the PlayStation 3 this year; most of them from big-name franchises. But despite the popularity (and quality) of the Silent Hill franchise, Konami seems keen on pushing this PS3 collection under the carpet. Which is bizarre because it's certainly our most anticipated HD collection (yes, even more so than Metal Gear Solid and Shadow Of The Colossus).

This HD remake collection includes upscaled ports of Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 — the former representing one of the greatest psychological horror experiences of all time. Protagonist James Sunderland arrives in the mysterious town of Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his deceased wife, Mary. What unfolds is a complicated plot drawing on the psyche of the protagonist, revealing some pretty shocking twists along the way. The other title, Silent Hill 3, is widely considered inferior to its predecessor, but still contains many of the elements that made Silent Hill 2 one of the best horror games ever produced.

It's a shame that the Silent Hill HD Collection doesn't include Silent Hill 4: The Room — a flawed but unique experience — alongside the more recent return-to-form, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. But even when taken on the merits of its two included titles, the Silent Hill HD Collection still deserves to appear on this list. It might well be a package built from old games, but when one of those titles is one of the greatest of all time, it deserves attention.