Where Do We Sign Up For More Dead Space?

According to sources, the game is not set on a spaceship this time around. Instead the action takes place on a new planet called Tau Volantis, an arctic world in which protagonist Isaac Clarke must front blizzards and icy conditions.

Isaac crash lands on the planet at the start of the game and quickly finds he's not the only survivor, with Ellie — a key character from the original Dead Space — amongst the living. He's joined by a new character called Jennifer on his travels, and the trio embark on an adventure that sees them scaling a mountain.

The enemies in Dead Space 3 are referred to as "the hive mind". It certainly sounds like a departure from the origins of the series, but we reckon there's the potential to tell a cool story on a wintery planet. Let's just hope the game can maintain its trademark atmosphere.

Oh and, err, in case you couldn't tell: Dead Space 3 is in development. So there's that too.

[Thanks Siliconera]