We'd Be Surprised If The PS3 Version Of Counter Strike: Global Offensive Didn't Include Valve's Steam Overlay.

de</a> that the developer is looking to implement cross-platform play in the upcoming PSN release of Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

"That's certainly our goal," he said. "We never want to create these 'islands of players'. You have to be sensitive to control differences, and make sure you're accommodating that, but, you know, our view is players should be able to play as part of a community on whatever device they can.

"You know, sometimes there are contractual, or other issues that make that hard, where somebody, a platform holder doesn't want you to do that for whatever reason, but that's always our preference. To let customers play and be part of the larger community."

Given the lengths Valve went to integrate Steamworks into Portal 2 on PlayStation 3, we'd be surprised if the developer didn't include the feature in all of its future PS3 releases.

[Thanks Blue's News]