Bagsy Playing As Animated Series Batman.

Things have gotten so confusing that fan-site Arkham has compiled a small guide detailing where you can get what.

All of Batman: Arkham City's pre-order bonuses pertain to original skins for the character, but there's a lot to choose from so let's get to it.

If you want the 1970's Batman skin you'll need to preorder from ShopTo (UK) or Toys R' Us (USA). Batman Beyond fans will need to go to GameStop (UK) or MightyApe (New Zealand). For the Dark Knight Returns skin you'll need to pre-order Arkham City's collector's edition from any retailer. The awesome looking Animated Series Batman is currently only confirmed for MightyApe so far.

Phew. Let's take a breather.

Earth One Batman is also comitted to MightyApe. Gah, those guys get everything. Finally there's the Red Robin skin which is available from Best-Buy (USA) and JB Hi-Fi (Aus).

We imagine all of these skins will be available separately as DLC in the future. Best to pick the one you want upfront, and then wait for the others to hit the PlayStation Store. We really want the Animated Series Batman.

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