That's a weird looking hadouken

Street Fighter X Tekken Producer Yoshinori Ono recently discussed the unique features Capcom is hoping to bring to the PS Vita version of the game, detailing the cross-over fighter during EVO 2011. Ono confirmed that his team is working hard to integrate Continuation Play, which allows users to seamlessly switch between PS3 and PS Vita versions of a game.

Ono also said they are looking into ways to implement the handheld's unique control schemes, and while no specific motion or touch controls were detailed, it's not hard to imagine how Capcom would implement them. It's done it with two of its fighting games in the past. Tatsunoko vs Capcom let players shake the Wii Remote to trigger Ultra Combos, while Street Fighter IV 3D Edition allowed special moves to be mapped to the touch screen, enabling untrained players to bust out tricky moves on the fly.

Aside from the Vita-specific details, Ono also highlighted Cole's character and play-style, likening him to Seth since "he has a lot of sneaky, tricky moves."

He also mentions the game's "Cross Rush" attacks, which take Tekken characters' combos and runs them through a Street Fighter filter to make them more "Capcom-y," a process Ono claims makes the game feel more "like Darkstalkers."

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